Custom Icon Fonts

Posted on Friday, June 8th, 2012

Icon fonts, when combined with CSS @font-face, are great for generating icons on your website and/or blog. The nature of fonts being in a vector format allows for graceful scaling. Another reason to use icon fonts is that anything you can do to text using CSS can also be done to these icons.

The problem with including full icon sets on your website is that fonts can be quite large and slow down the load time of your site. This seems like a wate, especially if you are only using a few characters in a set. Bellow are a few resources that allow you to select only the icons you want from available free online icon fonts and map them to special characters. IcoMoon even allows you to upload your own. Enjoy.


This tool lets you combine iconic webfonts for your own project.


IcoMoon is an icon solution. It provides a vector icon package, and an HTML5 application.


Easily create your icon font in 3 steps. Download it, ready to include in your website.